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A new Events Committee formed this fall with 8 members and has been busy planning some community fun! If you would like to volunteer to help at any of the listed events, or need more information, call Robin Mullin at 363-6604. Click for Details

  New Neighbor Open House: Oct 10, 2004
Decorating: Oct 17, 2004
Jump Fest: Nov. 13, 2004
Holiday Home Tour: Dec. 5, 2004
Make Gingerbread Houses: Dec. 13, 2004
Progressive Dinner: April 2, 2005

Photos: click here to view 2004 event photos displayed in Shutterfly.com. No need to join unless you want to order photos.


Current News -

Potomac Landing Board Members
Tim Sommerville    President
Lance Orloff         Vice President
Guy Knuf             Treasurer
Dave Mellon         Member-at-Large
Sam Patel            Secretary

Quissett Bay Board Members
Dave Baldoni         President
Kellie Redden
Diane Sommerville
Jamie Hornbeck
Izabella Rooney

Neighborhood Babysitters

Alanna Eilenberg Age 14 248-2886
Aralyn Cook Age 13 240-4795
Cameron Tringale Age 17 363-6604
Kristina Gurgi Age 13 248-0166
Monica Zdrojewski Age 15 661-8852
Noelle Hirneise Age 18 496-8223
Sean Hirneise Age 16 496-8223


Email Udates? Over 40 of our homeowners are currently receiving email updates. If you want to be added to the email list, let Robin know.


Villageway Property Manager

Lisa Terry is our homeowner primary contact for both Associations. Lisa attends Board meetings, goes on monthly landscape walks, processes Architectural Applications, coordinates Board directives and answers questions and concerns of homeowners. You can reach her at 949-450-1515.


As you may recall, in our February newsletter we included a survey card to collect votes for the proposed initiative of upgrading our two entrance areas.
We had a great response rate of 82.8% - 121 of the 151 homeowners returned the survey – thank you! Here is a summary of the results:

• 58% like the idea of changing the name to Niguel Coast.
• 68% are in favor of replacing signs.
• A majority of homeowners prefer raising dues by $13.06/ mo for 24 months rather than giving a $300 donation.

As a result, the Potomac Landing Board of Directors voted last March to change the DBA name of our HOA from Seacall to Niguel Coast and to raise dues, and the new dues were effective May 1st. Our lawyers are filing papers regarding the name change. The new rate will be effective until 5/1/06. See article on the Entrance Enhancement Committee Update for details on the project.


Entrance Enhancement Project Update

Updated 10/4/04 by Izabella Rooney, Project Chairwoman

We are very pleased that all major design choices for our new entry monument have been made and we expect to submit a final drawing and application to the city within the next month, or no later than November 2004. The sketch below is a nearly complete rendering of our future entry monument, although we are still making some refinements. Specifically, we hope to adjust the font to appear more rounded or elegant, and we may choose a different glass design or pattern on the lantern. The letters will be raised with low voltage backlighting to illuminate them at night, and the lantern will light up at night as well. The sign will be set in the center island of both entrances (Barkentine/Camino del Avion and Ridgeway/Niguel) with the column/lantern positioned in the back as you enter the community from either main road. The name “Niguel Coast” will be printed on both sides of each monument wall so that it can be read from either direction when traveling on Niguel Road or Camino del Avion.

Aside from submitting our application to the city, our next course of action is to request multiple bids from various contractors. Once we have the final bids in place, most likely by the November budget meeting, Potomac Landing will review its funds available in general reserve as well as the funds accumulated in the reserve account segregated for the entry monument. Since this account only began funding last April after a community vote in favor of the project, we may not be able to begin construction until such time when the account is more adequately funded.

Many of us would also like to take the additional step of bringing a 120 volt outlet to the center island for holiday lighting. This, however, may prove to be cost prohibitive but we plan to include it as an option in our application and, if possible, reserve the right to install the outlet in the future.

In addition, our Entry Enhancement Committee will work with the Quissett Bay Community Association to reface the wall along Camino del Avion to match our entry in the center island at Barkentine.

  Toddler Playgroup News

Our playgroup meets every Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm either on Broadhorn or Frigate, near the end of the cul de sac. We encourage parents to bring bikes, tricycles, balls or any other “outdoor” toys that will make this playdate more fun and engaging for the kids. We also regularly get together Thursday mornings at 10:00 am, usually hosted by one of our Moms. Periodically we may meet at the pool if it is a hot day. We’re looking forward to having some special events for the holidays, like decorating pumpkins for Halloween and Gingerbread houses for Christmas. If you would like to join our playgoup or add an alternative playdate to the calendar, please email Izabella Rooney at izabella.rooney@cox.net or phone (949) 481-4020.


Garage Doors - Group Purchase
Cover Memo: Options and phone numbers
MS Word format
Bid Info:
Details on door offerings
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Architectural Application for Garage Door: Preapproved application for doors being offered.
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Monthly Board Meeting: The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month, at John Malcom School Library at 7pm. All homeowners are welcome to attend. Next Meetings 5/15 and 6/19; 7-9p
Archtectural Walk-Through: Monday, May 5, 2003 and June 2, 2003 - 9:30 am at the pool.

Architectural Commitee
Dave Mellon, Chairman
Skip Hornbeck
Tim Sommerville
Lance Orloff, alternate

October 2004

Architecutal Guidelines (Revised 11/27/01)
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Exterior Color List
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Roofing Materials List
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Architectural Application
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Satellite Dish Rules Addendum [effective 12/01/03]
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Some documents reguire Adobe Acrobat
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  Realtor Survey Conducted by Robin Mullin
The Effect of Community Improvements on Property Values
In Laguna Niguel, California

Survey Form:
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